Blogging, vlogging, flogging…who knows?

I like technology. I muddle through, though I know more about the back end of a John Deere or a Massey Ferguson that I do about the back end of a website, but undaunted, I reckon I can learn. If some little whippersnapper with his cap on backwards and his undergarments on view to the entire world can master it, surely I can right? Errr…yeah…kind of.

We had no computers in our school, they were invented, I’m not that old, but they certainly weren’t in everyday use, so I’m a mature student in this regard and my relationship with technology is stormy sometimes. The thing is though, without it I wouldn’t be a writer at all.

In the bad old days, when you wrote pleading letters to agents and publishing houses and waited for months before getting a standard reply to the effect of, ‘are you nuts? Of course we won’t publish you…you were mad to even think we would,’ you sloped, crestfallen back to the nine to five cursing your own audacity. I mean they know, right? They know what sells and they know what people like so if they don’t pick you then that must mean nobody wants to read your imaginings. They didn’t say you could, so you can’t.

 Well, no actually.

Though I curse computers, cry into my motherboard, scream in frustration when my plugin wont plug in I take a deep breath, go outside for a minute or two, and thank the universe that I can, through the use of that marvelous, incredible, infuriating little computer, realize my dream. I have been writing since 2011, and over these five years, reader’s reviews, emails and messages of support for my work have left me feeling humbled, reassured and uplifted. Thousands of people have bought my books and to them I am so grateful.

I never got the nod of approval, I published myself, and though the learning curve is more vertical than steep, I’ll plough on regardless.

Thanks for coming with me,

Jean x

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